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Who can become a responder?

Anyone can become a responder as long as you are over 18 and can spare at least 6 hours of your time per week plus the one hour training each Tuesday. All you need is:

  • A full clean driving licence
  • To pass a DBS check (formerly known as CRB)
  • At least two references
  • Be reasonably fit and healthy

How do I become a responder?

If you are interested in becoming a responder, all you have to do is call us on the phone number below and give us your details. We will then send you some forms to fill in and a DBS form. We will arrange for you to have a meeting at Havant Ambulance Station for a short interview to go through your forms. If you meet all the requirements, you will then be able to attend our weekly meetings whilst waiting for a training course to become available. Be warned though, sometimes it can take up to six months before a training course is available. Some responders have been lucky and got onto a course a lot sooner.

Do I need a uniform?

Yes, but all uniform will be provided after successful completion of the training which is held at Nursling in Southampton. You will be issued with a white shirt, green t-shirt, blue trousers and a blue fleece. Once you have been with us for six months you will also be issued with a green NHS coat.

What sort of emergencies should a responder expect to attend?

Responders attend the following:

  • Cardiac emergencies
  • Respiratory emergencies
  • Neurological emergencies
  • Accidents (home, work, leisure or sports)
  • Falls
  • Other Medical emergencies

Is there anything a responder cannot attend?

First responders will not be called to the following:

  • Fire incidents
  • Road traffic incidents
  • Known violent incidents (unless police are in attendance)
  • Industrial incidents involving chemicals or gases
  • Maternity incidents
  • Hangings

Would I have to be on call on my own?

Absolutely not! We run a ‘Buddy’ system here on Hayling so whenever possible we like to work in pairs. If you are not happy on your own, then you don’t have to be. For the first few months after qualifying we prefer it if you paired up with someone for your own piece of mind until you gain the confidence to go out on your own.

What do I need to do when I’m on duty?

When you are on duty, as long as you stay on Hayling Island and wear your uniform, you can go about your normal daily life until a call comes through.

Be aware though, that whilst you are in uniform you represent South Central Ambulance Service so should please behave well in public and do not consume alcohol.